Saturday, February 1, 2020

What is diabetes and treatment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

What is diabetes and treatment - Research Paper Example The statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention shows that approximately 29.1 million of population in the United States has diabetes that is 9.3%. Among them are 21.0 million of diagnosed diabetes cases and 8.1 million of undiagnosed cases. As of 2013, worldwide was fixed on average 382 million patients with diabetes. The second type of the diabetes has the highest prevalence and it is 90% of all cases. During the period of 2012-2013 years diabetes caused 1.5 -5.1 million of deaths per year all over the world. Nowadays this disease takes 8th place among the diseases that cause the highest level of mortality worldwide. Therefore, investigations of effective and safe treatment for diabetes are one of the most important challenges for scientists. In this paper I want to describe the biological overview of the diabetes, view all main types of the diabetes and characterize all possible treatment option for patients with diabetes. (CDC,2014) Diabetes associated with increased level of sugars in the blood that caused by abnormal function of the pancreas. Normally, hormone-producing cells called beta cells of the healthy pancreas that are situated in the islet of Langerhans release such important metabolic hormone as insulin. Insulin related to the peptide hormones and it plays a crucial role in the carbohydrates and fat metabolism. The main function of insulin is glucose absorption from the blood into the liver, muscles and adipose tissue. There are three main sources of glucose releasing inside our body. They contain gluconeogenesis that characterized by receiving the glucose from non-carbohydrates sources such as lipids and proteins; intestinal absorption of the meal and splitting of glycogen the form of glucose storage in the liver. Insulin plays an important role in all this processes as it can inhibit or stimulate the process of glycogen splitting or gluconeogenesis. Mainly insulin is responses

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